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What we do?

Do you want more loan/PE/VC money? Or, good old profits?
Did you know how people in your organisation ‘behave’, alone, and with each other, can be the biggest source of increasing your profits?

Think a new person joins your company
You give him the company’s systems / SOP manual.
But at lunch, he asks his new colleague, an existing team member - how does this place actually work?

What would he be told?
He would be told about habits of senior people
Politics, relationships, and power equation between various top people

Reality comes from everyone’s behaviour.
Behaviour includes anything you DO, that impacts work product, relationships, and results:

    Focus on 'Numbers' is behaviour
    Implementing an effective personal productivity framework is behaviour
    Choosing to recruit and develop a cohesive top team is behaviour
We believe Behaviours / Actions come from habits and habits alone.
Ask yourself what have you done to improve your team’s ‘habits’, or for that matter your own?

We help Business owners and CEOs - adopt effective behaviours and habits

How we Help

Services Offered

We teach essential life and work related skills through 2 mediums:

  1. Live (face to face) Coaching.
  2. Online courses on our website.

Live Coaching

Bolboo Live Coaching is best utilized by businesses which have exceeded annual profit after tax of USD 1 million.

To cut a long story short, there are some skills, coaching for which is not available in the market today..

Your life and your business cannot thrive, in balance, without them.

There are some skills your team doesn’t have. They are not taught anywhere. They’re definitely not taught well.

The growth and survival of businesses, after a certain scale, is difficult, in absence of those skills.

We coach those skills.

Online Courses

Propagated through a Learning management System our videos will cover our proprietary concepts and recommended actions for various areas of personal and professional life, including:

  • Better relationships
  • Leader working as a leader
  • Leadership team working as a leadership team
  • Prioritization and relevant decision making
  • Focus on Numbers
  • Implementing Bolboo productivity framework
  • Unlocking wherever you’re stuck
  • Communication
  • Getting systematic and organized
  • Process building and implementation



No global movement springs from individuals. It takes an entire team united behind something big.
Once in a lifetime opportunity to make big impact in other people's lives with your work


Learn Skills and concepts taught no where, by people who are best in the industry


Chilled out! We think our work is an extension of who we are!
But we make sure to have tons of fun while changing the world

Current Job openings:

We are currently looking for Rockstars at our Mumbai office in the following positions:
Executive Assistant
Sales Manager
Marketing Manager
Book Editor
Content Editor



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